Android Remote for a Yamaha Network Receiver

NOTE: support for this application has been discontinued

RX-Z7, RX-V3900, RX-V2065, RX-V867, RX-V1067, RX-A810
Aventage Receivers

Native Android application(s) that control Yamaha Networked Receivers

For RX-Z7, RX-V3900, RX-V2065, and RX-V867 models. The RX-V1067 and RX-A810 are also supported using the V867 program. Yamaha line of Aventage Receivers are also supported.

These native Android applications will operate all zones of the listed models. This application easily controls volume, source, sound modes, the FM tuner, and the PC/MCX interface. In comparison to Yamaha's Android offering, I personally find this one far easier to use. Basic interface, fewer fancy graphics, larger buttons, less screens.

**Screenshots for the RX-Z7/RX-V3900, RX-V2065, RX-V867 receivers here

**Screenshots for the Aventage receivers here


The are 4 significant advantages to using this android software (with WiFi) over the provided infrared remote control and web interface:

These applications can now be downloaded from Android Market directly (now offered at $4.99). Search for “Yamaha”. BEFORE PURCHASING, PLEASE review the caveats and instructions listed below.

Comparison to Yamaha’s Android offering: basic interface, fewer fancy graphics, larger buttons, less screens. As a result (in my opinion) much easier to navigate and use. Primary disadvantage of this program is media browsing: Yamaha significantly improved their remote media browsing and queuing.

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