WS2812b LED Driver for Staircase Lighting Effects

using a raspberry PI and interface cape


The Raspberry PI cape (incorporating a signal level converter and protection resistors/diodes) has 3 output channels and 3 input channels. Its primary purpose is to drive 2 independent WS2812b LED light strings using 2 PWM channels. Its initial application is staircase lighting effects that include slowly changing colors in the background. Once motion is detected, an "up stair" or "down stair" lighting effect will be triggered.

For instance, if a pedestrian approaches the first step, the steps will sequentially change from the slowly changing background color to sequentially turning white in front of the walker. After a certain amount of time, the stairs will revert to the previous background color effects. The effect will work in either the down direction of the up direction.

The drivers are written in 'C' for the raspberry PI, and will eventually be open-sourced along with the Android control app and independent web interface. Without source code changes, colors and effects may be configured through a network interface that accepts JSON configuration commands.

A handful of lighting effects are already included. This project is currently installed in a residential application and has been operating for over 6 months.

Stay tuned for more information; I will get this written up and posted as time allows.

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