Android application to integrate NFC with a Vera home automation controller

NOTE: support for this application has been discontinued

Android NFC integration with the MiCasaVerde's Vera home automation controller. Activate any Vera scene by bumping your android phone on a NFC sticker.

NOTE: To operate, this application requires the existence of a properly configured MiCasaVerde Vera home controller and an Android device (Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 or later) with WiFi configured on your local network/subnet.

Easily activate any configured Vera home automation scene by bumping your Android device on a NFC sticker. Easily and inexpensively place lighting "scene controllers" all over the place (i.e. coffee table, desk, kitchen table, TV remote control, etc). To activate a scene, simply place your android device on the sticker and the application will automatically launch and send a scene-activation command to the Vera controller.


How this works (assuming Vera system is already set up)