RainShadow Technology is a small consulting firm specializing in embedded software design and applications.   Featured on this website are three products currently in production and being supported.

Featured Projects

WS2812b LED Driver with Raspberry PI Cape for Staircase Lighting Effects

The Raspberry PI cape (incorporating a signal level converter and protection resistors/diodes) has 3 output channels and 3 input channels. Its primary purpose is to drive 2 independent WS2812b LED light strings using 2 PWM channels. Its initial application is staircase lighting effects that include slowly changing colors in the background. Once motion is detected, an "up stair" or "down stair" lighting effect will be triggered. More info.

CEC to USB and RS-232 converter/bridge, connects to an HDMI cable.

Both receive and send hex-codes on the single wire CEC bus present in HDMI cables. The USB tty (serial-port) device is compatible with both Windows and Linux without additional host drivers. More info.

Android application(s) to control Yamaha networked receivers

These native Android applications will operate all the zones of a Yamaha RX-Z7, RX-V3900, RX-V2065, RX-V867, RX-V1067 & Aventage receivers. This application easily controls volume, source, sound modes, the FM tuner, and the PC/MCX interface. More info.

Android application to integrate NFC with a Vera home automation controller

Easily activate any configured Vera home automation scene by bumping your Android device on a NFC sticker. Easily and inexpensively place lighting "scene controllers" all over the place (i.e. coffee table, desk, kitchen table, TV remote control, etc).

(Requires the MiCasaVerde Vera home automation controller) More info.